Orthopedic Surgical Robots and Surgical Robotic Assist Robots Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2022

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The 2016 study has 156 pages, 64 tables and figures. Worldwide Orthopedic surgical robot and robotically assisted surgery markets are poised to achieve significant growth because the devices provide consistent, superior outcomes for clinicians. The accuracy provided by the robot is not reproducible by the human surgeon, so ultimately all surgeons will want to perform the orthopedic implants using this technology.
Robot assisted medial knee arthroplasty: orthopedic surgical robots are poised to take knee and hip surgery quality far beyond what has previously been available. The quality of knee arthroplasty is improved with robotic capability. All the advantages of surgical robots carry into the Stryker Mako orthopedic reconstruction surgical products. When the knee and hip surgical robots are used, patients have less bleeding, reduction of post-operative pain, fewer re-admissions to hospital and faster recovery. Robots support high-precision surgery. A clinic in Switzerland, La Source, has reported a reduction in the average days of hospitalization from 10 to 6.
Surgical robots provide consistent reproducible precision. This capability is so significant for implant surgery that the robots are positioned to become the defacto standard of care for knee and hip surgery within five years. Any one getting a knee or hip replaced will demand clinician attention to quality of life, to maintenance of lifestyle provided by a robot when they have a joint replacement.
As next generation systems, hip and knee robotic units provide a way to improve traditional orthopedic hip and knee replacement surgery. Total hip replacement surgery has evolved dramatically as advances in technology have brought improved surgical techniques. Surgical robots and robotic assist devices are a significant part of that advance.
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Table of Contents
Knee and Hip Surgical Robots Market Shares and Market Forecasts 13
Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Market Driving Forces 13
Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Market Shares 16
Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Forecasts 19
  1. Knee and Hip Surgical Robots Market Description and Market Dynamics 22
    1.1 Knee and Hip Surgical Robots Reduction In Payments 22
    1.1.1 Med Device Industry 22
    1.1.2 Stryker Positions to Assist Hospital Capital Investment in Knee and Hip Robotics 23
    1.1.3 Stryker Flex Financial Provides Assistance in the Financing Of The Surgical System Purchase 24
    1.2 Knee and Hip Surgery Three Dimension High-Definition Visualization with Robotic Arm 25
    1.3 Osteoporosis Impact On Hip 25
  2. Knee and Hip Surgical Robots Market Shares and Market Forecasts 28
    2.1 Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Market Driving Forces 28
    2.2 Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Market Shares 31
    2.2.1 Orthopedic Surgical Robot Market Shares, Units and Dollars 36
    2.2.2 Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Unit Analysis 37
    2.2.3 Stryker MAKO Platform Expansion 40
    2.2.4 Omni OMNIPlasty Total Knee Replacement Robotic Surgery 40
    2.2.5 OMNI Life Science OMNIBoics 41
    2.2.6 Smith & Nephew Navio 41
    2.2.7 Think ROBODOC Surgical Assistant 42
    2.2.8 Wright / Tornier 42
    2.3 Surgical Robot and Surgical Assistive Robot Forecasts 43
    2.3.1 Knee and Hip Surgical Robotic Procedures Forecasts 45
    2.3.2 Hip and Knee Orthopedic Surgical Robot Market Segment Forecasts 56
    2.3.3 Consequences of Mal-Positioning 56
    2.4 Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Regional Analysis 57
  3. Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Products 60
    3.1 Stryker Mako RIO® Robotic Arm 60
    3.1.1 Stryker MAKOplasty ® Robotic Arm Hip Replacement Solution 62
    3.1.2 Stryker MAKOplasty® Surgical Robotic Total Hip Arthroplasty 64
    3.1.3 Stryker MAKO Surgical Knee Replacements 70
    3.1.4 Stryker’s Mako Total Knee Application Receives FDA Clearance 72
    3.1.5 Stryker Knee and Hip Surgical Robot Products Benefits 74
    3.1.6 Stryker / Mako 75
    3.2 Omni OMNIPlasty Robotic Surgery 79
    3.2.1 OMNIPlasty Total Knee Replacement Procedure 79
    3.2.2 OMNIBotic™ Surgery Provides Increased Accuracy 81
    3.2.3 OMNIBotics Bone Morphing 82
    3.2.4 OMNIBotics Virtual Implant Planning 83
    3.2.5 Omni NanoBlock 84
    3.3 Smith & Nephew Navio 85
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